Letter n. 2: On The Agenda Of Our Occupation Of The Belo Monte Dam

We are not here to negotiate with the Belo Monte Construction Consortium. We are not here to negotiate with the utility company Norte Energia. We have a list of specific requests and claims for you.

We’re here to dialogue with the government. To protest against the construction of large projects that impact our lives permanently. To require the regulation of the law that will secure and hold prior consultation, before study and construction begins! Finally, and most importantly, we are occupying to require that there will be prior consultation about building projects on our lands, rivers and forests.

And for this the government needs to stop what they are doing. They need to suspend all work and studies of dams. Need to take out all the troops and police operations on our lands.

The Belo Monte construction site is occupied and paralyzed. Workers living in at the work camps support us and gave dozens of testimonials about problems they face while living here. They are sympathetic to our cause. They understand us and we are at peace. Both groups want the workers to be taken to the city. The Belo Monte Construction Consortium must removed workers for the short term and secure shelter for them in the city.

We will not leave until the government has met our claims.

Construction site of the Belo Monte Dam, Vitória do Xingu, May 3, 2013

Signed by the indigenous chiefs and leaders, fishermen and riverine of the occupation for consultation


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