Letter n. 3: Let The Journalists Stay

Yesterday the government sent an aid to present a proposal in response to us occupying the construction site. 100 police officers accompanied him. Among them some militaries, civil officers, the Federal police, Shock Troops, and National Force troops.

We do not want the government’s advisors. We want to talk with the within the government that make the decisions, and without their armies.

They want only us to get out of the constructions sites and to take only a small commission to speak in the ministry. We do not accept it. We want them to come here and talk to all of us together.

Yesterday the court issued an injunction of repossession only for non-indigenous. With this decision, the police expelled two journalists who were filming and interviewing us. They fined a journalist R$1000 and expelled an activist.

The coverage helps us out a lot. We demand that the judge remove the request for repossession and application of fines. You need to allow journalists, academics, volunteers and organizations to come here and continue witnessing what we go through, so that they can help convey our voice to the world.

Occupation of the Belo Monte construction site, Vitória do Xingu, Saturday, May 4, 2013


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