Letter n. 4: The Government Lost its Mind

We read the note from the General Secretariat of the Presidency.

The government has lost its mind. Gilberto Carvalho is lying. The government is completely desperate. They do not know what to do with us.

The bandits, rapists, manipulators, the insincere and dishonest are they. And yet, we remain calm and peaceful wile you don’t.

They banned journalists and lawyers from entering the construction sites, and even members of their own party.

They have sent National Force to say that the government will not dialogue with us. They sent people asking for wish lists. They have militarized the ​​occupation area, clothe people who come and go, check our food, take pictures, intimidate and give orders.

We understand that it’s easier to call us thugs, treating us like criminals. Thus the discourse of Gilberto Carvalho might make some sense. But we are not criminals and they’ll have to deal with it.

Our claims are based on constitutional rights. In the Federal Constitution, and international legislation. And we have the support of civil society and even the workers who work for them.

The government is getting more violent, by using aggressive words to the press, and also here in the occupation with their army.

It is the government that does not want to cooperate with the law. And makes maneuvering to try to discredit our struggle, inventing stories to the press.

Six months ago they have murdered Adenilson Mundurukú. We know well how they act when they want something.

Gilberto Carvalho is the one who is not acting accordingly. But we want him to come anyways and to dialogue with us here at the occupation. We are waiting for him. We request that they stop sending armed police to deliver empty proposals. Stop trying to humiliate us to the press.

We’re on your dam and we will not leave until you leave our villages.

May 7th, 2013.


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